This jewellery box is made from English walnut. Bespoke handmade ash jewellery box. Handmade cufflink box. Handmade jewellery chest of drawers. Handcrafted jewellery box in english walnut. Champagne bottle presentation box. Handmade box in poplar burr. Handcrafted jewellery box.

Welcome to my Handmade Boxes website

I am a designer and maker of bespoke fine handmade jewellery boxes, jewellery chest of drawers, cuff link and ring boxes, presentation boxes and gift boxes.

I usually make my boxes from solid hardwoods, seeking out unusually figured timber which showcases the beauty of the wood’s grain pattern, but the addition of a burr veneer can often add an extra dimension to the finished box.

You can see the boxes I make in the gallery pages on this website. In addition there are pages where you can find out more about me and my box making, a news sections where you can read about what I am up to, and importantly ways you can contact me if you have any questions.

In addition to this site, I also have another bespoke furniture website that is dedicated to the items of furniture that I produce.

Latest news snippet

Time to work on some new jewellery boxes. But first I need to source some timber, which means trips out to various timber merchants to search for those special pieces of wood.

More item of news can be found in the ‘News’ pages on the website.